Galloway is a ****

For this is what I yelled across a quiet suburban street to Mr Trellis yesterday evening. Trust me, it’s the worst of the words it could be.

The context is this. I was driving to the in-laws for Friday night dinner, and I knew Mr Trellis was walking there from the train station. As I drove round the mini-roundabout that essentially separates Burnt Oak from genteel Mill Hill, I heard an exchange on Any Questions between George Galloway and a woman (I forget her name) who used to work for George Bush.

“You can look at translations of Arabic news articles on,” the woman said.
“That’s an *Israeli* website,” Galloway muttered.
Rapturous murmuring and applause from audience.

WTF? What has Memri’s ostensible nationality got to do with anything? It was obvious that Galloway wished to suggest that Memri was unreliable and distorted because it’s in the hands of the Elders of Zion, and it appeared not only that the audience got the implication but also that they agreed wholeheartedly with it.

Anyone who understands Arabic would be able to verify whether Memri’s translations are reliable (and they are). Once again, noted anti-Semite and pal of dictators, George Galloway, gets away with his repellent insinuations and Dimbleby didn’t even comment on it.

Again, I am not a gambler, but my mental sweepstake had this Friday as the day George Galloway would start claiming that the bombings were all Israel’s fault. Village idiot and wannabe suicide bimbo, Jenny Tonge, (can someone organise this, please?) had beaten him by a length by making such a remark a couple of days beforehand, but I was agog for Galloway’s idiotic utterance on the subject.

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