Spam, frittered

Not *again*. Once more, I am being spammed. If you would like to comment and you’re not trying to use me as free advertising for your stupid online prescription drug service, please note there may be a delay as I’ve switched moderation back on.

If you do want online Vicodin or some such, you’re either addicted to prescription painkillers, an American or both. If you are an American, may I suggest a nice National Health Service, where one pays a flat fee for prescription drugs rather than the extortionate amount you currently seem to be charged. $100 for a short course of antibiotics? My *vet* doesn’t charge that much.

I do find it amazing that Americans seem quite happy to put up with a state of affairs that condemns the poor and threatens their health in this way. I am quite happy for my taxes to be used to help those who could not possibly afford to pay through the nose for vital healthcare and medication.

So, in essence, I do not wish to offer links to dodgy online pharmacies. You can take your knock-off Vicodin and shove it right up your Cialis.

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