I was going to do a little rant about bad breath and how antisocial it is to have breath that literally smells of poo in a land where you can easily buy floss. I was also going to mention how it’s strange that the more senior you are in a workplace, the more likely you are to have pongy breath. Then I would have said that if you have a medical problem, that’s different and you can’t help it – but I experience people with halitosis so frequently that it’s unlikely always to be the result of illness. I would have gone on to say that people with constant bad breath should probably be told of the problem, but that it’s should be down to their close friends and family to tell them than an employee. I would have concluded by saying that most dog breath is easily preventable with good dental hygiene, which is a good thing in any case.

However, I’m not going to say that, cause something else happened. See above.

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