Border Collies

How many Border Collies does it take to change a light bulb?
Just one, and I’ll replace that dodgy wiring while I’m here.

Border Collies don’t count as real dogs, so it’s OK to like them if you’re not a dog person. Before I actually met one properly, I was somewhat suspicious of them. I’d been told that they are nervy, unpredictable and snappy. So like any badly trained dog, then.

It’s true that they’re not good with children: they dislike anything small, noisy and brightly coloured that runs about shrieking and tries to poke fingers in their ears.

3 thoughts on “Border Collies”

  1. The M has a Springer. I’m sure I’ve mentioned the fact. It loves children.

    Not sure if that counts as safe, though.


    PS: And a Merry one to you and the male model.

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