Can I just say that this is utter crap. It’s like saying that if you eat beef, you’ll catch elephants. The candida yeast that gives you thrush is *not the same* as the yeasts that ferment beer or raise bread. Also, looking at someone’s irises is not a recognised diagnostic method – I believe the only thing you can prove is that the person has eyes.

Candidasis is another one of those invented illnesses for gullible people with too much money and time on their hands. I suppose it keeps them out of trouble, since I know what it’s like to have a genuine food intolerance, I feel slightly qualified to attack them. An illness is not an accessory. It is not like a £1,200 Birkin handbag with a six month waiting list. Deciding that you have an obscure disease that can only be cured with expensive supplements and a complicated diet is a ridiculous bit of decadence, like the Victorian cult of the invalid.

The wealthy and bored should be bloody grateful that they have enough to eat and access to clean water, sanitation and decent medical care, not inventing vague complaints to impress their friends.

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  1. I did a project on yeast once in school and used a quotation from H G Wells’ ‘Purple Pileus’ on the front page as an illustration: “Oh what a lot of fungus- whatever use can they be?- I daresay there is one on this earth”. Nobody uses the word daresay anymore.

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