Big Bras

“Why are your larger size bras so frumpy?”
“I am a larger size lady who wants pretty, sexy bras. Why can’t I find any?”
“I am 38HH and have a very active job, but I still want to feel feminine and sexy.”
“I am a 28DD and would like more choice in the bras I wear.”
“Your selection in my size is terrible!”

Emails and customer comments like this are received every day by lingerie retailers. Although the average UK woman’s bra size is still relatively bijou at 34B/C, bust sizes are increasing, along with the demand for pretty bras just like everybody else.

The demand for the bras is increasing more than the number of larger ladies. This is due in no small part to the recent social acceptance of underwear advertising in the mainstream.

Many larger ladies, especially younger ones, are no longer happy with frumpy, mumsy over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders and want the Moulin Rouge boudoir look. However, is this really feasible?

Structurally, a bra is a very complex item and must withstand many different sorts of stresses and strains, exerted on it by a body part that is partly fluid, can weigh up to a stone or more, and changes its size and shape over time. Clearly, two little delicate triangles of lace, ribbon and silk are not going to offer much support to breasts the size of an adult’s head.

It’s important to know before I go any further that bra sizing (a source of endless confusion for both women and men) reflects the ratio between the underbust size and the bust size. It’s often thought that a bra with a 40 back size means the woman wearing it has a 40 inch chest – this isn’t the case. She either has a 35 or 36 inch chest. 4 or 5 is added to the chest measurement to get an even number (your ‘back size’), and then the bust is measured. The difference between the bust and your adjusted chest measurements gives you the bra size.

Brands like Freya have blazed a trail in the UK by offering pretty bras up to a quite impressive GG cup (that represents a difference of over 10 inches between a woman’s underbust and bust size) and Panache offer the cult Superbra, offering uplift, control and separation up to a J (up to another five inches around).

However, it’s important to remember that, in the UK, a relatively curvy 34D woman has a choice of over 300 different sorts of bra, her 34G sister (only a few inches larger) has a choice of around 30 styles including nursing bras. The US woman does rather better, and indeed many of the top brands for larger sizes (Bali, Goddess, Vanity Fair and Glamorise), are American. Even so, they do seem to specialise in sensible, supportive, no-nonsense undergarments which are hardly the lace wisps of fantasy.

Go beyond a 38 back, and things look increasingly grim. There is a wider range of bigger cup sizes in the normal back sizes these days, partly due to the increase in breast implant surgery. The glamour model Jordan is about a 32FF (no matter what she may claim – I know because, well, I can’t say). However, older and larger women tend to have bigger back sizes as well.

A 48FF woman has a choice of bras closer to single figures. The American brand Goddess has cornered the market here with plain, sensible bras that offer good support. The iconic Triumph Doreen -the biggest selling bra in the world- also dominates. Doreen, as its name suggests, is sensible, well upholstered and an example of classic, no-nonsense, German engineering. At this size bracket, underwires become scarce. Wires (the last relic from the era of popular corsetry) are designed to fit just below the breasts, resting on the ribcage, and will not dig in if the bra is properly fitted. I would conclude that wires are not often found on larger back sizes because basically there is a much thicker layer of fat here and a wire might prove very uncomfortable, sinking in rather than lying flat against the bone. The cups completely encase and separate the breast – smaller back sizes can choose a sexier demi cut, and push their lils together for cleavage. The straps are broad, and often padded: bear in mind how much these big puppies can weigh.

And here, I think, is the reason why you simply don’t find many pretty, dainty bras in very large sizes. With the best will in the world, larger women have more to support and there is a limit to the tensile strength of lace. This is a question of *engineering*, not discrimination.

So, back to the customers. I don’t want to bitch as I imagine it’s utterly miserable to walk past the rows of teeny, pretty lingerie in the shop, or scroll down and even further down a box on a website to find your bra size, but these are the answers I wish I could give.

“Why are your larger size bras so frumpy?”
Because larger sized ladies tend to be older and frumpier, and I’m afraid frumpy bras sell really well, especially to Americans, who like frumpy bras. The market for them over there is *huge* (haha). The top selling larger sized bra in the US is a real passion killer that makes the Doreen look positively alluring. When you consider that Americans can’t tolerate a covered nipple on TV, and complain bitterly when a lingerie site shows photos of women in, well, lingerie, you can see why they like to be completely covered, even in their undies. American bras often tout their ‘opacity’: European bras flaunt the fact that they are ‘sheer’. America has many websites devoted to underwear that has more in common with factory overalls than seduction – all this in a country with the most eye-watering hardcore pr0n in the world. Funny place. Getting back to your question, Americans like frumpy bras and they are the biggest (scuse) market.

“I am a larger size lady who wants pretty, sexy bras. Why can’t I find any?”
Because there aren’t as many of you as you think; the market for these bras is tiny. There are some, but I’m afraid if they’re not to your taste, it takes at least a year for manufacturers to design, test, make and market a new model. Even the pretty ones are quite bland, because a manufacturer will want to play it safe. Sorry.

“I am 38HH and have a very active job, but I still want to feel feminine and sexy.”
Wear a sports bra at work. You may not feel feminine or sexy but you’ll be a lot more comfortable during and after work, when you can change your bra. You have absolutely *enormous* knockers and they need specialised equipment to rein them in.

“I am a 28D and would like more choice in the bras I wear.”
You have one of the rarest bra sizes in the world. You should feel very special. Sorry. Panache might be able to custom-make one of their standard bras in your size. Otherwise, see below.

“Your selection in my size is terrible!”
I can only apologise. If you were a 28AAA you’d have even fewer, although if I were that size I wouldn’t bother with a bra anyway (who are you trying to kid?). Look, modern manufacturing, distribution and buying methods mean companies and retailers invest a lot in their ranges. They don’t buy a lot of bras in less common sizes (mainly large) because if they buy or make too many, they may lose money and have a pile of bras that are difficult to shift. The same holds true for clothes (many shops only have 1 or 2 size 8s in stock) and shoes (only a small range of 3s and 4s).

There is a solution for all these ladies, but it’s expensive. The only sure way to get a beautiful, comfortable bra in a large size is to have it custom made. Yes, this will set you back around �200, which would get you 5 or 6 unsatisfactory off-the-peg bras, but do you want beautiful, sexy, supportive lingerie or not?

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  1. @Sousa, yeah online guides are often totally misleading when it comes to bra sizes. The adding 4 or 5 inches to your underbust measurement is outdated, and stems from the time when bras weren’t elasticated. Actually your underbust measurement should also be your back measurement, so in your case, you should be wearing either 24 or possibly 26 bras. No wonder the 28s are much too big! I’d been wearing 32B bras ever since I started wearing bras, until I recently discovered the online bra guides were a crock of shit and I should actually be wearing 30Cs or 28Ds. The difference is incredible, it’s like for the first time I realize what bras are for. So the advice given in the original blog post is misleading too.

    @Victoria Australia’s bra sizing is totally different – a 14E is the same as a 36E. So don’t tell someone who’s a 26 back to buy 26 backs Australian size, or they’ll end up with a 48″ bra!

  2. It was much to read, but from what I did see, no one here really mentioned the USA. Only some stores carry size 30 bands but they’re overly priced IMO and they only carry lace bras. I’m a recently discovered 30DDD but I think I could probably wear a 28 because the two bras I have in 30’s I close on the smallest hooks/eyes and the bra still rides up my back. And on a limited budget, it makes more sense to me to wear a bra I can buy in Target in a 34D that I bought for $10 than to buy a lace bra in my correct size that I can only wear with sweaters because the lace, seams and embroidery show through even the thickest of t-shirts and I don’t like looking that trashy.

    Where is the love for women my size in the USA who just want a simple t-shirt bra? I’ve tried Panache before but their cups are too tall and too shallow, I think when I was in Nordstrom they had me try on the Porcelin style but it sat too low on my chest and cut the top of my boobs off giving me quad boob. I also tried Fantasies moulded bra in a 30 but it was like wearing a cardboard box. Why is it normal bras aren’t made in harder to find sizes? As pretty as they may be, I consider all those lacey seamed cups from Freya to be grandma bras.

  3. I’m a 28DD (by Freya’s standard) and I still fint that the back is too lose. I can manage by putting my bras on the tightest possible hook, but I have never been able to wear a 28 bra on the middle hook because it is too loose. I find my bra starteing to move about a little. On the tightest hook when I take off my bra I realise it has been moving up during the day. Freya is the best because they are the oly ones who do straps that can be tightened a lot, because these are normally looses too.

    I’m wondering if I am able to go down a size. I dont think 26 exsists in England but I’m not sure what to do. Should I jus and on extra clasps and make it tighter myself. Idon’t know what most people do, because I’m only 17 and my breasts just went from a 30C to a 28DD and I haven’t gained anymore weight yet so I’m stuck with only one bra right now and it’s horrible.

    I don’t know what to do because my size is hard to get and expensive.

    Is it possile I’m not wearing the rigt bra? The cups are ok most of the time, they only get a bit small near my period, but latel my breasts have started feeling heavy and I’m not sure if it is due to lack of support or something.

    Please help. Thanks.

    (Ps also, online guides tell me I’m 30D, because my rib size is 24, but even 28’s are too lose. Does anyone else get that?)

  4. I am a 32G, and having been wearing bras that don’t fit since adolescence because it’s so hard to find anything in my size. I live in Canada and recently discovered Freya bras, which are terrific, but which retail here at around $140. However, I’ve just returned from the UK, where the same bras cost 29 pounds, which is less than half the price, and I’m wondering why Canadian women are being gouged at the checkout. Many women I know, both young and old, are my size or bigger and I think most of them have to buy bras that don’t fit because no one will acknowledge that such sizes are common. The Freya bras are very pretty which just goes to show you don’t have to look like a frump just because you’re reasonably well endowed. While I was in the UK I stocked up and in future I’ll buy them online, or get friends to ship them over to me.

  5. i have a problem with my 14 year old daughter who is a size 30jj and i find it very hard to get bras to fit her, i also find it very hard to get her the colourful ones she wants like her friends have. she gets very upset at school as other kids can say horrible things to her and she hates pe because of her bust size and she is not a big girl, she is quite thin so you can really notice her bust size. i feel for her so much and i feel total useless because i cant find the bras she would like to have, she said to me that all i get her is granny bras, and swim wear, well thats just crazy trying to find. can anyone help. thanks

  6. I’m 28DD but I should wear 26E or F. I won’t to put on my weight because it’s very hard to me. Also I’m short and my chest isn’t wide. I read in Japan they have 26 but I don’t know anybody who speaks Japanese and I don’t know how to buy the bras from that country. In US only and have 28. Those bras stretch too much and I have to make a band a little smaller. Another problem is sometimes I send the bras back because they look on my chest like gilet. They are made for taller and bigger women. I’m angry I have to pay a lot for bras and they still aren’t good!

  7. I live in England and have size 34HH boobs, it is annoying that most shops don’t carry anything above a DD cup but there are some stores over here that do bra’s in bigger sizes, Bravissimo is the best one I have found. It’s about 20 miles from my home but I go there twice a year for a fitting and if I want new bra’s from them in between fittings I can order them online. My main problem has been finding basques in my size, I’m getting married next year and would love to wear a sexy basque under my dress but I don’t think I’ll find one unless theres some miracle in engineering and someone comes up with a new sexy fabric that can contain my love puppies.

  8. I’m a 32G and have some real trouble finding bras to fit too. I know how it feels to want to wear something sexy and only find something frumpy. I’m 16 years old and used to have so much trouble finding nice bras. But then I found and they’re really good! They’re nice looking and really cheap considering most large sized bras cost around £20.
    Take a look :) x

  9. Bee, ship from a warehouse outside Toronto to most of North America, so they’re worth a try. Choose the “search by size” feature and see what they have that might fit you.

    Unfortunately bras in specialist sizes are never cheap, Candy. As I say in the piece, this is all to do with economics: bra manufacturers make fewer in these sizes, so they are more expensive. Many cheaper brands and stores won’t stock these sizes at all. On the positive side, a good quality bra will fit you well, last a good year or so and be very comfortable.

    In a recent study, 100% of women referred for breast reduction operations on the NHS were wearing the wrong size bra. Those women had been sent to a bra fitter – and once they had been set up with a decent bra that fitted them properly, they opted out of the operation.

    It’s really worth the investment, ladies, I’m sorry to say.

  10. While searching for bras I came upon this entry and I was immediately intrigued. I read the entire thing top to bottom.
    Now, I know this is an old entry, and you’re probably sick of replies, but I thought I’d give it a go.

    I’m 17 and am a 28G/GG (my measurements are actually 27/37), but here’s the thing: I live…in the U.S.
    It is INCREDIBLY hard to find smaller band sizes. Finding a 32 is pushing it, 30…there might be one or two if any at all. 28s don’t exist. Makes sense for such a large *ahem* country, but it’s tough on us foreigners. Especially when your top three allergies are in everything. Allergies being milk, soy, and corn. (if you don’t know, they put those things in anything you could ever imagine. I.E. high fructose corn syrup in dill pickles, soy in vinegar and breads (almost all bread is made with soybean oil and soy flour). Lactose in the most random of random foods. ). If I want to eat it has to be FRESH…and it isn’t that often I can get a hold of fresh vegetables because I’m poor and live in a large family. So as you can imagine, even if I wanted to gain weight…I couldn’t. Which I’m trying SO hard to do. Within’ two months I’ve lost 30 lbs. UGH.

    I know Bravissimo ships to the U.S., but it’s VERY pricey. The economy here is rather bad and I only have an allowance of $20 a month. So already I have to wait five or even just three months to get even one bra. Then because of my horribly uncommon size, it’s usually sold out.
    At this point of….complaint, if you will…Do you have any advice for this dilemma?

    Moving on.
    I’ve tried customizing a bra that I shrunk out of, but the proportions are all wrong and I can’t customize it where I need to because of the wires (well, unless I take out the wires, chop it in two sections, weld it, sew it, and put it back in…but I don’t have the equipment…and it would be a bit of work for my busy schedule). It was a 30G, but do you think a different size or type would work?

    Lastly, have you heard of any success stories regarding women creating their own bras from scratch? I know women who do, but they are 32/34 Cs. It’s not a “life & death” situation for them, either. More of a hobby. Haha.
    My grandmum, who is allergic to the material that most bras are made of, actually cuts two panties in half and sews them into a bra. It’s clever, but I don’t think it’ll support my already sagging breasts. ):>

    So there you have it! My complaint.
    Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

  11. I am a size 28 DDD and I’m having a hard time finding a good cute bra. Where should I shop? And will I ever be able to find a cheap one?

  12. I can’t understand all the complaining!

    I’ve struggled with anorexia for all of my adult life, but have been in recovery for the past 3 years. During that time I’ve gained 22lbs, and my breasts have increased enormously!

    I finally went to get measured at Debenhams last week and was fitted at a 28 DD. The girl who fitted me recommended I try the shop Bravissimo for a better selection. When I went along there I was fitted again – this time at 28 F.

    At first I was dismayed! I thought I would find nothing to fit me. I only weight 7st 6lbs (104lbs), and so still have a few pounds to gain before I’m in a ‘healthy’ weight range.

    Then I discovered (through this blog) Freya. You can search by size, and I cannot believe the amount of choice available for a 28 F, including sexy, pretty, lacy, yet supportive bras. They also do swimwear (around £45) and sports’ bras from a 30 inch back, going up to a J cup.

    I know Freya are more expensive (around £28 per bra) than £4 bras from Primark. But isn’t it worth it for an astonishing piece of engineering that helps prevent back ache and keeps breasts in shape? I’ve been feeling so unattractive with all my new lumps and bumps, but the night I got home with my new well-fitting lacy, supportive bra was the first night in a long time I finally felt like an attractive woman again! I can’t believe how much of a selection I have to choose my next bra from.

    So to anyone stressing I really would recommend getting a fitting from Bravissimo and then searching Freya. Also, if Bravissimo don’t have a size in stock they will have it delivered straight to your door free of charge. What more can we ask for!?

  13. When I was 18 I was a 28D. I’d probably been around a “C” cup from the ages of 16-18, I’ve always been a very skinny size 8, I’ve got a 23inch waist, small hips and weigh no more than 8 stone, and i’m now 21!
    I was slightly surprised to discover I was a “D” cup when I had a fitting at Selfridges. All the same, I never wore very revealing clothes and a few of my boyfriends thought I was completely flat-chested before they were pleasantly surprised and shocked I had boobs.
    I started going on the pill when turned 20 as I was in a serious relationship. Until recently I’ve been on it for 15months and my breasts have increased dramatically from a 28D to a 30FF.
    My friends are shocked whenever I tell them my bra size. This is just to support Joanne Lisa’s comment ” I am a 34f not a huge bra size”. An F cup sounds huge when you think of Jordon and plastic surgery. But in reality, I look nothing like Jordon and no one has ever commented on how abnormally huge my boobs are. No one really notices, unless wear something tight or revealing. Kelly Brook is a 30FF and although she is a lot curvier than me, her boobs are natural and don’t look ridiculous like Jordon’s. Even though it may be a small percentage of the UK who are an E-G cup size, it doesn’t mean we look out of proportion “huge” or “massive”.
    I’m beginning to come to terms with my bra size but I would really like to know if the contraceptive pill (microgynon in my case) has effected anyone’s breasts? And if their boobs decreased when they went off the pill/changed contraception?
    I’ve just had a contraceptive implant fitted, which has no estrogen in it! I’m really hoping my boobs will go down a few sizes an E or a D.
    I’m a huge fan of Freya underwear. Figleaves is always worth a look and has a good range in sizes. Selfridges has a good range of plus-size underwear and so does Debenhams (which is a bit cheaper). Swimwear is a total nightmare! I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a nice bikini (which isn’t a heavy support mechanism). Is there anywhere to buy string bikinis for larger sizes?
    I’m really hoping to go down to a 30 D/E before the summer! Fingers crossed!
    C x

  14. Arf. Natalie, I suspect you and Tracy, your clone, are touting for business.

    But 3 nylon g-strings for a pound off a market stall? Sheer class.

  15. hi i am 22 an i had been wering a bra what had been the wrong size as well.for ages i have wore a 42G and when i got measured at a shop i was a 38J.i have always had my boobs nerly bouncing out of my bras even when i was just walking but i used to think it was just cos i was dead busty,my stats is boobs 52 waist 30 and hips 38.i am happy cos i dont get back pains but it is right what joanne has said on here that just cos we are busty we are getting ripped off.i have not got loads of money and for what i am wearing every day my bra is more money than evrything else what i have got on so i can only just buy cheap stuff.i have to pay bout 25 pound just for a cheap nylon J cup bra but a G cup bra is loads cheaper like bout 10 i have got a 38J black bra on what was £27,a pink lycra cropped top size 24 £2.99,white high heels
    £6.99,white leggings size 10-12 £1.99 and a size 10 white nylon g string what i got 3 for a pound on a market stall.if i have got my size 12-14 denim mini skirt on it is £3.99 and i have got a white lycra mini skirt size 10-12 what was £ leggings and knickers and skirts is not much money even a big size top is cheap less than a fiver but a big size bra is a ripoff price.if anyboddy wanna chat bout bras an stuff my email is

  16. OK. You’re not a 38DD. Your back size is too big and you are more likely a 36E or a 34EE. Try that.

    Your boobs fall out because there is too much slack beneath them.

  17. i am a 38DD and im having a problem finding a bra that does not have my brest falling out from the bottom of the bra,am i not buying the right size? please help…..

  18. Get a bra custom made at Rigby and Peller. It won’t be cheap but it’ll be comfortable and you’ll stop complaining.

  19. Hi i understand everyone’s point! AND YOU HAVE GOT A POINT im a 28 G/GG and do find it impossible – swim wear especially! I am only 16 and don’t appear to stop growing!

    And… i hate them my back is too small and i am already suffering severe back ache. I have tried bravissimo but their 28″ selection is very limited AND expensive… a bikini is 50/60 pounds! I have found only 1/2 bras that fit and are moulded… i really do not feel comfortable in a lace bra!

    I understand a breats reduction is available but not at 16..when i havn’t stopped growing I really would love a bra that’s pretty and supportive PROPERLY because in fact a 28″ is too large round my back? does anyone know if a 26″ even exsists???

  20. I understand your frustration, (Figleaves have only 5 grim models in stock at the moment in your size –'s&size=34JJ) but the problem you’re experiencing is for a reason. Smaller bras (the As to Cs) are really only there to decorate or enhance the bust. Women with little boobs might prefer to wear a bra, but we can get away without it. Women with bigger boobs need a bra to support them; to take the weight off their backs and help clothes fit properly.

    Unfortunately this functional need demands higher quality fabrics and better design. As I say in the post, there’s a limit to the tensile strength of lace. The level of construction in a larger size bra is quite amazing when a professional has explained it to you. There can be over 50 components, whereas the itsy 32B one I’m wearing now has about 5. The fabric has to be strong, but light, and give support without cutting into you.

    If you found a cheaper bra, it wouldn’t do the job nearly as well. There’s also the fact that there are far more 36Bs than 36JJs – giving manufacturers economy of scale.

    Having worked in the underwear industry I do prefer a higher quality bra – but I appreciate I’m fortunate in that if I’m short of cash I can get away with a cheapy one from M&S.

    The only thing I can suggest is to keep your eyes open; try Ebay and the sales, and if you know anyone who’s going to the US, ask them to scout around the outlet malls for you. It’s a problem, I understand, but I am very petite and have trouble finding shoes (and particularly skirts, for some reason) that fit. I think you have to accept that if you’re not within the average range of anything, finding clothes will be difficult. Annoying, I know, but that’s the way things are.

  21. I am a whopping 34jj and finding bras is a complete nightmare. I have to plan getting them like a military opperation. I can’t believe that in this day and age getting such a basic form of clothing is still so hard. The amount of money these companies charge you is terrible,if i was a few cup sizes smaller i could pay as much as ten pound less per bra. Just because i have naturally big breasts sholud not mean i have to take a morgage out every time i need to buy one. At the moment i have my hole family looking out for them, y should they have to?

  22. I am 18 and a 28FF, and have been having problems for the last few months because of my small frame, and my boobs have not stopped growing for almost a year.

    It seems that all though there are a fair few bras of 28 underbust measurement, once I grew out of F and into the FF cup size, the numbers of such bras available in my underbust size dropped dramatically. I can now only find about 3 or 4 reasonable looking bras in my size on internet shops or in bravissimo. I have to say bravissimo is outstanding for fittings, their method of measuring is simply by finding the bras that fit you correctly.

    The one thing I find a little odd is how the choice of Freya bras is relatively good for 28 underbust, up till F, and then it is so hard to find anything above that cup size. This also seems to be true of other brands, though I have found a reasonable and sexy plunge Panache bra in my size. But just the one of that brand so far. Some bras made in that underbust measurement evidently were originally designed for bigger underbusts, as one particular bra, though it fitted, pretty much covered everything entirely and was not the cleavage bra it claimed to be…and with an FF cup, I can hardly complain that theyre too small for a cleavage bra to have a good effect.

    It seems likely that I will end up wearing corsets in the future, as I like them and it seems likely the only reliable support I will be able to find easily. Hopefully it will become easier to find bras in my size soon. I have spent a long time surfing the next to see if I could find a site that sells problem sizes like mine, with little success.

  23. I’ve also noticed that sizes vary between styles at M&S, presumably depending on the supplier. I bought one bra from there that is possibly the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn in my life. I went to buy another one in a different colour. When I tried it on, I noticed that the design was very slightly different, and it was incredibly uncomfortable and badly fitting.

    As a result I’m sticking to brand names – Calvin Klein, Passionata, Victoria’s Secret IPEX and Princesse Tam-Tam all fit me well and I’m sticking with them.

    For those complaining about high prices for big bras, unfortunately the small-boobed can get away with a cheap bra. Big girls, sadly, have to invest a little more in their undergarments – but they do look much better in a corset than small girls.

  24. what annoys me is that different brands often measure differently.
    For example I have been going to M & S fro years… and they have been measuring me incorrecly… i was even once toled that i was a 38 DD which was huge on me… i had no support whatsoever… \\\\\\\\\\\I made a comment to another person measuring me and they said.. ah yes it is a bit big… UNDERSTATEMENT!! I went to Selfridges and they measured me.. I was shocked to find that my back is actually quite small…and when i tried on teh bra they recommended i was actually supported for the first time.. it turns out i am a 32 FF

  25. hi im a twenty five year old women with a bust size 48j what annoys me is the adverts in magazines that say they go up to a j but when you look they are at least 5 sizes to small i cant find any pretty bras anywhere and would like some for when i get married next year

  26. Well, no doubt your boobs will get smaller once you’ve finished breast feeding or whatever. And anyway, you’re 19, which is young in anyone’s book, and since you’re a mum presumably someone thinks you’re sexy. I have limited sympathy anyway: you could probably diet or have a breast reduction operation. I have just spent £75 on some shoes which I was assured would be small enough to fit my feet. They are the size of canoes (exquisite French canoes, mind) and fall right off. If you’re large, it seems you can, eventually, find something that fits whether that be bras, dresses or shoes. If you’re small, it’s almost impossible and I say that without much exaggeration. Bigger people have such a powerful lobby that the small (maybe, subconsciously, we don’t complain too much because we know that big people generally want to be slim, and we don’t want to seem ungrateful or sound like we’re showing of) are squeezed out. I know for a fact that I have neither gained nor lost weight since I was 18, yet a size 10 dress I bought when I was at university still fits me perfectly – yet last month I found that even the size 6s in Monsoon are a little loose in the bust. Either I’ve gotten smaller or clothes and shoes have gotten larger.

  27. im a 34e and only a petit 19 year old i find it very hard to find a sexy bra in my size and as a young mum i like to feel sexy and still young and when i do find 1 my size there very expensive for me personally

  28. When I was in my teens, some 20 years ago, 32DD bras were very hard to find and when you did find them they were not very pretty, hence I never wore the correct size bra. Times change and now there is a much large range of sizes. I would suggest that people write nice polite letters to manufacturers, such as Freya and Panache, asking them to consider broadening their range even further. The more letters they receive the more likely they are to take notice of their customers

  29. I’m at 32G/H & i think its really hard to buy bras. Yeah Freya do sell a load of really nice bras but half the time when you go to department stores to buy underwear they dont have your size.To be honest, M&S do go up to a G so most people should have a problem buying from there.
    As a response to the 34f 17 year old, theres loadsa brands you can try, Gossard do plunge bras up to an Fplus M&S, BHS, Matalan and La Senza probably stock up to an F.

    the main annoyance when buying bras is the cost, its ridiculous when my mom can buy bras for like a £5 in George or Primark and i have to spend the best part of £30 one.

    Final point, im crying out for a sports bra if anyone knows of any in my size let me know xx

  30. Am I the only person in the UK who hasn’t got a problem buying a bra in a larger size? Bravissimo is a larger-lady only bra catalogue selling up to a JJ. You really have no excuse.
    The only way you can complain about there being no bras in the market is if you insist on shopping in La Senza and Marks and Sparks, because they simply don’t stock them! I’m a 32-34F and I just go to House of Fraser, yes, slightly more expensive than the £5 Little Miss Sunshine your best friend might be able to buy, but worth the effort. (My Mum is a 30H and she still managed to get a pretty purple one with bells and whisles on)

  31. Freya is your friend -they have several styles in a 28DD. Your alternative is to have a couple of bras custom-made by a firm like Rigby and Peller. It won’t be cheap but they will last for ages and will definitely fit.

  32. I can’t seem to find my size anywhere. 28DD (if they are generous in the cup) and The high street does’nt cater for very slim women with large cup sizes. There is only so many times you can take comments like your an odd size from shop assistants. And just because i have a large cup size it does’nt mean the sit up and straight so please someone out there make padded bras to give us the shape we need.
    With all the implants going on these days you would have thought that in 2006 finding the sizes would be easier.. but no! Now i’m thinking of surgery, To take the blasted things away. (but i dont think my husband to be will go through with the wedding if i did)

  33. There is, and there are some – look at my previous comment for some brands you could look out for. But as a proportion of the population, 32Fs are a tiny minority. There are sexy bras out there and I think, given some time and legwork, you could assemble a bra wardrobe that would cover all eventualities.

  34. I’m only 18 and still growing. Until three months ago I was a 32DD I managed to find a few bras in this size and bought about 4 in each colour and style I could find in case I couldn’t find anything else. I am now a 32F and I’m pretty sure this size doesn’t even exist in most shops. The only choice I’m left with is expensive custom made bras which, being a student, I can’t afford. I swear with all these Jordan wannabes there must be a bigger market for huge, but sexy, bras!

  35. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure that her boyfriend doesn’t care what sort of bra she’s wearing during whatever tedious, sordid, sweaty adolescent fumblings they get up to in his parents’ house. Ugh.

    I certainly don’t remember even getting remotely close to the faintest possibility of someone seeing my bra when I was 17:

    Which might explain a lot about what I was wearing at the time (mm, BHS mint green polyester satin, inherited from my far more amply endowed sister). Ho hum.

  36. I’m going to send this to all my friends. It’s amazing. It makes my eyes hurt. This isn’t a sodding mobile phone, love, and even if it were, predictive text was invented, ooh, about 6 years ago.

    If you have more than one bra, you have some bras. If your bra’s strap has broken, you would use the apostrophe. ffs.

    34F *is* a huge bra size, young lady. You can tell it’s a huge size because there aren’t many bras around for you.

    As for defying gravity, jolly good luck. I think NASA might be interested, should you ever nail it.

    Anyway, from what I can divine about your comment, I’m not jelous or indeed jealous of women with massive tits. It looks rather uncomfortable and you must have a terrible time finding clothes to fit. In addition, if you actually read the whole post, you’d see that I recommend a lot of different types of bra suitable for the younger larger lady. I’ve listed some more below, because even if you can’t type, you could at least feel pretty.

    If you’re after some pretty bras in big sizes, Freya have been making bras for a while that are so cute, I wish I fitted into them. There’s also a few new brands on the market, Young Attitude, Fayreform and Miss Mandalay. Young Attitude is modelled by Jennifer Ellison, who’s around the same size as you and only a couple of years older. Fayreform is a bit middle-aged, maybe, but the designer of Miss Mandalay was inspired by the stuff produced by Agent Provocateur. It’s pretty, a little retro, and very supportive. They’re all available online from Figleaves.

    Manufacturers are listening to you, and thanks to McDonald’s, Sunny Delight and crisps, there’s a lot more of you than there used to be.

    I hope to Cthulhu that the rest of them can spell.

  37. so you tell me ! i am a 34f not a huge bra size ! and yet i look everywhere and all i find is granny bras ! i am only 17 years old ! i wan to be able to wear sexy bra’s for my boyfriend but i cant i have 2 wear your typical dorien that my mum wears !if a wonder bra can go up 2 a e then why not an f ! i am fed up of being told that it is imposible to find a bra that looks sexy and makes us feel like women , sexy woman ! why should i have 2 be condemed to a doreen for the rest of my life just because i am 1 size bigger than the next girl ! im not saying i want a sexy lace bra i would love a padded bra so that i didnt fear going out in the cold incase i knock someone out with my nipples ! i dont wana c my nipplles through my bra ! we bigger girls should get together and show em wat we want ! i for 1 will not have a life where i dread bra shopping ! i will not get exicted coz doreen is doing a new colour ! why should i not feel as sexy as the thong i am wearing ! because there is people like you saying that we will have to defy gravity to do it ! well i 4 1 shall say u will be proved wronge ! we will look sexy and we will look gud and when that day comes you will be the 1 in the docs asking 4 brest inplants when we can say ours are real ! do not slag us off just because you are jelous ! ! every1 i no would love my boobs but they would not love my bra’s ! but 1 day they will ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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