Thursday evening

We spent Thursday evening wandering around Abano Terme. It’s a very pretty spa town, geared to the needs of affluent, overweight, elderly German tourists. So the only food shop is a very poncey delicatessen, the only souvenirs you can buy are enormous marble statues (“we ship anywhere” boasted the shop window) and all the restaurant menus are bi-lingual in Italian and German.

My sister’s boyfriend lived in Italy for three years, and gave us dire warnings about eating at tourist restaurants. However, after half an hour or so, we’d run out of Abano Terme and there were no other restaurants.

We went to a reasonably salubrious pizza place and discovered that the pizza was just a cunning disguise. It was actually a very nice, reasonably priced restaurant. The pizza menu was hidden away at the back of the proper menu, as if the owners were slightly embarassed to be running what appeared to be a pizzeria.

Not only did we have a nice meal, we also spotted most of the guest speakers who would be at tomorrow’s conference.

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