Venice, an overview

You know that annoying smug BA advert where some smug businessman hops into a nice double bed in Central Park at dusk, and gets out of his bed in Trafalgar Square at dawn? Well, apart from being covered in pigeon dottles, the advert also fails to feature said smug businessman staggering off the plane at Heathrow and having to do battle with his baggage, the Piccadilly line and/or a minicab driver before he can get anywhere near anything resembling a bed.

Last Tuesday I literally went to bed in Paris and woke up in Venice. Really. A proper bed, mattress, sheets and all. I brought my own pyjamas and I was even able to have a nice shower before I was brought breakfast in bed by an attractive Frenchman. This is because I took the TrenItalia sleeper service from Paris Bercy to Venice St Lucia. Easyjet is marginally cheaper, although you are cutting it very fine when you include the cost of the airport shuttle service from the shed in the middle of nowhere to Venice proper and the extra night’s accommodation.

So, Venice, then. I’ve heard loyal Northerners claim that Manchester has as many miles of canal as Venice. That’s as maybe. However, I got off the train and this is what I saw:


Manchester looks like this:


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