SanLosLas Pt 3

We woke late and Nicky was perturbed to discover that he could not find his phone. After some vacillating he went out on a run, having arranged for the phone to be cancelled, and Cocky and I went out to Dylan’s Candy Bar.
We met Nick in the cafe and he demanded to be fed, having rejected breakfast earlier on. We decided to go to the famous Carnegie’s Deli and had chicken soup, salt beef and latkes.
We returned to Inn New York for a nice cup of tea and a sit down before heading out again to the East Village and the famous Stonewall Inn. The Inn itself is actually a nice pub with a convivial atmosphere, soft core gay porn on the TV and a generous bartender who was clearly quite fond of Nick and Cocky, given the stiff measures he allowed in their vodka and cokes.
When I went to the unisex loo (only 1 patron in the restroom at a time), I was accosted by a comely lesbian who appeared from a distance to be playing patience. However, when I went over I realised that she was dealing Tarot cards and she wanted to do a reading. I suggested that she should stop being silly and went to the loo.
Cocky wished to visit another bar that was perhaps less convivial for the likes of us, so we dropped him off and went home via the Gourmet Garage for smoked salmon to have on toasted bagels.

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