Sunday 4th January 2009

After collecting our various creatures from the kennels, I decided to unpack for an ailing Trellis.

Whilst I was merrily removing all my mini bottles from the front pocket of my hand luggage, I was reminded that I had carelessly bunged Trellis’s unprotected disposable razor in there. Whilst blood fountained out of my finger from a gash approximately 15mm long by 3mm wide, Trellis hopped from foot to foot wondering what to do. It is, after all, me that has the first aid training. After he got the first aid kit out, I soon discovered that it’s actually quite hard to bandage up your own hand but we managed to stop the bleeding and Trellis bodged a halfway decent basket sling to keep the wound elevated.

Between the razor blades was the strip of my finger that it had removed. What makes it worse is that this isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this – reached into a bag containing an unprotected razor and injured myself – I’ve done it before at least twice, although not as badly.

Still, trailing to casualty to have the injury stitched and dressed did at least help to take my mind off the fact that I’ve caught Trellis’s relapse-flu and have to spend next weekend in sub-zero Whitby.

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