Burn Update

The burn that I’ve been impressing my colleagues with all week is now a great big crispy scab. However, the colleague that was most impressed with the burn was sacked on Friday.

I knew it was coming, but he didn’t and he sits (or sat) next to me. Throughout the day, his managers were coming in and out of meetings and looking serious. Then I was asked to find some documents relating to the last time they got rid of someone in a similar role.

The afternoon was deeply unpleasant. I wanted to warn him in advance, but I assume that would have got me into serious trouble too. I kept my head down, and when he was asked to go into the meeting room “for a chat”, I tried to look engrossed in some tosspot marketing agency’s website.

He came out about 20 minutes later, put some stuff in his bag and left without a word. I felt so sorry for him, but to say anything then would have been indiscreet and unfair. Nobody else in my desk block knows why he left like that.

It wasn’t until he went that I realised I was shaking. I’ve realised I’m not cut out for HR. It’s bad enough that I know all the company confidential information without the personnel stuff as well. It means it’s really hard to meet colleagues socially because I know tickly things about them.

Poor PT. I hope he doesn’t take this too hard and gets a good dollop of cash out of this. He’s an affable, intelligent chap in a role that maybe didn’t suit him.

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  1. Hi there, I came across your site when I was investigating Sienna, I know how you feel about the guy who was dismissed but its not always so bad in the long run – lets hope he gets a better job and I hope you have stopped shaking !!, its not good for the heart – Richard

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