Tuesday 30th December 2008

A day away from the olds! Trellis and I took an early morning cycle to Publix following a revelation I’d had about a root beer float jelly – vanilla jelly, made up with root beer. Unfortunately, it appears that Jell-O haven’t shared my revelation, since they only seem to make something called vanilla “pudding”, akin to Angel Delight. Never mind.

We breakfasted and woke up Kareon for a visit to their beach. We swam in the sea and watched pelicans dive for their lunch, before breaking off for lunch of our own – hot dogs and a cold collation of various bits and bobs from our respective fridges.

An afternoon of chapter reading by the beach was followed with a swim in our warmed resort pool, and then a trip to Publix for dinner ingredients: a Karen C classic of fish fingers, mashed potato and cabbage, with spinach, beet and tomato salad, followed by vanilla frozen yogurt in Oreo cones.

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