Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

In the morning, we whimsically decided to run in Central Park. The whimsy was rapidly replaced with hypothermia as we skidded through ice and sleet. We were constantly turned back from our chosen paths by heaps of glassy ice which had clearly defeated the gritting team. By the time we arrived back over an hour later, we were soaked, numb and freezing. We had a very welcome hot shower before having some breakfast and then venturing out.

The hotel’s proprietor had very thoughtfully left two umbrellas for us. However, one turned out to be in two separate pieces, and the other, which we took to protect us from the sleet, gradually disintegrated throughout the course of the day.

We travelled first to Dylan’s Candy Bar, a shop containing three storeys of sweets. We picked up a variety of dainties, including a gummy tarantula and some Hannukah lollipops.
We were surprised that the streets and stores were not as frantically busy as we had expected ā€“ it was christmas eve, after all. We were able to navigate around Banana Republic to purchase a much needed new jumper without any trouble.

Lunch was had at a kosher deli on the Upper West Side ā€“ chicken soup and kneidlach followed by a hot dog smothered in Boston Baked Beans and sauerkraut, washed down with tea (for me) and root beer (for him). We then zoomed down to the Jewish Cultural Centre for a two-hour Yiddish musical, about which I can only say that I survived.

In the evening we travelled up to Queens (an epic journey) for dinner with Linda and Martin, Trellis’s aunt and uncle.

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