I was never forced to clear my plate when I was young. Being quite unwell and with various unpleasant food intolerances (now grown out of), I think my parents were pleased I ate anything at all. So I don’t feel the need to hoover up the obscene amount of food I sometimes get served with.

As a result, I have no patience with people who think they need to “detox” and avoid all alcohol, wheat, eggs and dairy products. Try eating like that not because you’re a bored hypochondriac, but because those things will genuinely make you very unwell. It’s not much bloody fun, especially when you’re a kid that can’t understand why your siblings can have chocolate eggs at Easter, but you have to have a bar of cooking chocolate. I have a friend who’s coeliac. Gluten doesn’t make him “tired” or “run down” – it makes him violently ill.

This link takes you to quite a sensible article on food intolerances and strongly suggests not being silly about it. Cutting out something from your diet shouldn’t be done on a whim as any vegan will tell you – if they have the energy. Arf.

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