Yes, it’s christmas, but New York continues pretty much as usual.

We slept late and then walked to the Brazilian restaurant where we were to have our chrimble lunch. This place charges a flat fee. For this you get unlimited trips to the salad bar and as much meat as you want from the waiters roaming the floor armed with huge chunks of meat on massive skewers. It was completely delicious and we both felt suitably unwell afterwards.

Afterwards we went for a walk around Central Park, past the ostentatious Dakota Building and the twee plaque in Strawberry Fields. We had some trouble finding a moment when this plaque was not being photographed by sad-eyed Lennon fans so that I could take a photo of Trellis pulling a stupid face. Any murder is a tragedy but when such a senseless crime leads to a talentless wifebeater becoming an icon, an act of cruelty becomes a tawdry tourist attraction.

We had a New York Limmud. A Limmud was originally a sort of Jew-fest had over the christmas holidays, filled with music, lectures and other fun stuff. However, Blade and the Little Zionist have reinvented Limmud as an excuse to sit in bed all day eating chewy sweets and watching TV. We spent much of the day in this manner, in the company of BBC America.

We took the subway back into town in the evening, to watch The Farnsworth Invention. We were in the front row, which meant we were repeatedly showered with Hank Azaria’s germs. It is a brilliant play.

We repaired home for chicken soup, bath and bed, with The Dog Whisperer.

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