Bra Review

I thought I’d do a couple of these: I think it’s a good idea for the company I work for, but I doubt anyone’s got the time.

We had a Staff Sale yesterday, and I picked up a Panache Atlantis liquid-filled bra for £5 – someone else has worn it and returned it in a condition that wouldn’t be acceptable to the public. Mmm. Anyway, I can report that it does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes a 32b bosom look *massive*. Tops that don’t usually fit, suddenly do. There’s cleavage where there’s usually just ribcage. However, like a empathetic pregnancy pouch, this bra allows me to experience what women with big tits must go through every day. This bra weighs a *ton* – well, as much as two c/d cup breasts, I suppose. Although it fits properly, this bra definitely makes its presence felt in the shoulders and back. One for those special evenings, I feel.

The best push-up bra I’ve ever had is *not* a Wonderbra. Whilst Wonderbras are OK, they can be uncomfortable and feel a bit cheap. I also find the extra sponge padding a bit creepy and weird. Allumette/Simone Perele (the one is a diffusion range of the other) do a padded push-up bra in a variety of styles and they’re all excellent. They look beautiful, are very comfortable, and feel lovely. Mind you, they are about twice the price of a Wonderbra which might have something to do with it. Well worth the extra, if you want a nice, supportive bra that pushes up without giving a cartoon cleavage.

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