Bad Grammer

I may be an old fogey, but when I was 17 I could *bloody well spell*. Look at the comments for this post.

It’s almost painful to read. I know sometimes people claim that bad spelling and grammar is OK as long as you can understand it, but it took ages to work out what she was on about. And then I realised that she hadn’t really understood the original post anyway.

About a week ago, I received an email at work from another 17 year old girl, wanting to be a lingerie model, with attached photographs. My, Mrs Trellis, you’re thinking, what a fun job you have. Well, no. She was a bit of a munter, if the truth be told.

Apart from being one of the most mind-bogglingly stupid things anyone can do with a digital camera and an email address, the covering note made me laugh out loud. “i done my makeup myself,” she said. Riddled with mistakes and lower case personal pronouns (which weren’t cute 10 years ago), it took ages to make any sense of the message.

I replied to her, stating that if she wanted to be a model, she should join an agency. I resisted the temptation to tick her off for endangering herself, but I took the opportunity of correcting every single mistake in the original email.

She didn’t notice – I received a tart response claiming that not all top models are with agencies. Um, yes, they are.

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